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Mr. Roderick Blount has written the kind words below about the Overton family in the acknowledgements section of the Overton’s upcoming book:
“The Overton family is a unique family with a proud history. The Overton lineage consists of lawyers, judges, business owners, bankers, professors, computer specialists, editors, civil rights advocates, and even generals. Each generation has positively contributed to the community, their professions, and the family name. They were, and continue to be, active in their churches, professional societies, community ventures, and organizations, often being charter members. The Overton family's influence perseveres throughout the country to this day.”

The Overton’s are a multi-ethnic, Scottish family which was a part of the English aristocracy from the 14th century until the 17th century. One of the most famous Overton family members was General Robert Overton, who fought alongside Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil Wars. After Oliver Cromwell died, Robert Overton was imprisoned and had his property confiscated in the 17th Century.  Many of General Robert Overton’s family members emigrated from England to the United States. 

These Overton’s distinguished themselves in the United States. Some of those distinguished Overton’s were: General Thomas Overton, who fought alongside George Washington against King George III of England and was a good friend of President Andrew Jackson; Judge John Holmes Overton, the son of General Thomas Overton; Judge John Overton, the brother of General Thomas Overton and founder of Memphis, Tennessee; Colonel John Overton, the son of Judge John Overton; and a host of famous, well-known, black descendants of General Thomas Overton and Judge John Overton, to name a few Aida Overton-Walker, Anthony Overton, Langston Hughes, & Richard Arvin Overton.
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